Testimonials from parents and students:

Having had the blessing to be one of Rosana Barragan’s students changed my perspective on dance forever. Rosana looks into the heart and soul of every student she comes into contact with. She genuinely cares about each one of her students’ progress and well being and inspires growth and learning into every lesson. Her knowledge and awareness of the body also reassures every student that they are in a safe and nurturing environment. I have had the amazing privilege of not only having her as a dance instructor, but as a mentor, a choreographic advisor, and a dear friend. Rosana Barragan has personally inspired, challenged, and aided me through every aspect of the wonderful art of dance!

–Melissa Weik, College student

I love Calliope so much that I could do it every year until I’m 50!

–7 year old student

My daughter has been going to Calliope for 4 years, ever since she was 3 1/2 years old.  It’s been great, the teachers are wonderful and the kids have fun.  The highlight is the recital at the end of the year, it’s a great experience for the kids… the costumes, performing on a real stage.  What more can you ask for?

–Mother of 7 year old student

I always look forward to coming to dance class. My experience at Calliope has taught me a lot!

–8 year old student

Rosana made my daughter’s first dance experience magical. I was incredibly impressed with Rosana as a teacher and how wonderful she is with the children.

–Mother of 3 year old student

My daughter has been taking classes at Calliope for four years. She’s kept up with old friends and made new ones along the way. It’s been amazing to see how the group has grown and developed -not just learning steps and remembering the choreography – but also their love of dance.

–Mother of 7 year old student

Calliope is our family!  Our son loves Calliope, and it has been such a special part of his preschool/elementary school years.  It’s a place where kids learn to love dance, but where they can also relax and have fun.  The recital at the end of the year is such a special opportunity for the kids to share what they’ve learned with their families and friends, and the costumes are always so fabulous — perfect for treasured photos, and they can wear them again for Halloween!

–Mother of 8 year old student

My two daughters LOVE to dance at Calliope and I am thrilled for them to learn from Rosana and take in her wonderful spirit and energy – she is such a positive and loving force for the girls! 

–Mother of 6 and 9 year old students

We are moving out of the city in the fall and want to say that you made our last year in SF extremely enjoyable and we all feel like we have achieved a great deal being part of your dance school!

–Mother of 4 year old student

Our daughter has been dancing at Calliope since she was 4 and it has been amazing for her social skills as well as great exercise. The class sizes are small and Rosana is so patient and encouraging. It is a very nurturing and positive environment and we highly recommend it!

–Mother of 8 year old student

I love dance class with Rosana. It’s my third year there. She teaches you real ballet. My favorite dance poses are splits and arabesques

–5 year old student

Dancing at Calliope is the joy of my daughter’s life. She’s been taking lessons there for the past six years and still finds it as magical and engaging as the first year. This is because of the excellent teachers at Calliope who work to develop the whole child— body, mind, imagination, social being—through movement. The positive and gentle environment of the studio provides the perfect conditions for the children to explore and grow.

–Mother of 9 year old student

Calliope is awesome! You learn so much and it’s fun. I love it!

–6 year old student

My daughter has taken dance classes at Calliope for over 4 years.  For her, dance class is all about learning new and varied ways to challenge herself and express herself.  Her joy in dancing in class and at the performances is unmistakable!

–Mother of 7 year old student

I am so grateful to Calliope’s teachers for instilling in my daughter a love of dance.  Each week she was excited to come to class and to dance alongside her fellow classmates.  Your program has not only created an atmosphere where my daughter has learned new ways to move her body, but has resulted in a new-found confidence and poise.

–Mother of 3 and 5 year old sisters

Rosana is an excellent studio teacher.  She is gifted in many areas of expertise that enable her to access many pathways to the dancing body.   Her knowledge of the body is remarkable.  She provides vital imagery utilizing concepts from different somatic disciplines to help the students explore and find their potential.  She works with the whole self.  In my 25 years of teaching and learning, I have rarely experienced so gifted an educator. My students transform in her classes and become better dancers in all ways.  They are stronger of course, but they are also more confident and intelligent human beings in a matter of weeks when they start dancing with Rosana. She strives to get students to understand that dance is life.  It is an internal process, not something imposed upon externally.  The development of the individual in her technique classes, rather than an ideal of the dancer is what guides her teaching.  When I ask her why, she says that the inner world of the individual must find its voice first and social justice starts “here” with the individual.  Because of her work in this inner landscape, I witnessed a depth I had never seen in my students.  Those dancers that had a preconceived notion of dance, those that worked externally drawing pictures with their bodies, became rich movers packet with knowledge.  They became wise beyond their years.  Given the opportunity to study with Rosana is a gift, she enriches lives. Rosana is not only a “mover and a shaker” but a builder and a thinker, the perfect union of what dance has to offer the world!

–Cathy Davalos
Director of Dance
St. Mary’s College of California