Calliope Rules


  • Tuition – Fall 3-month Tuition is due in July/August; Winter 3-month Tuition is due the first week of December; Spring 3-month Tuition is due the first week of March. Tuition is non-refundable. Late fee: if winter or spring tuition is late, $15 will be charged for every week that the payment is late.
  • Other payments – The costume fee and recital fee are due the first week of February for our end of the
    year recital that takes place in May.
  • Visitors – Parents are welcome to watch the first class so they can see how the class is run and their child can feel secure as they get to know us. After that we appreciate parents dropping the children off as they do better when parents are not there. We will also have special show days throughout the year when parents will be invited to come and see the progress the children have made.
  • Food – Children should not be eating during class. It is a choking hazard as well as a distraction. Water bottles are fine, when it is hot the kids may want a quick water break.
  • Drop-ins” – There are no drop-in classes for the studio as we try to keep the classes small and give the children the attention they need.
  • Make-ups – There are no make-up classes as having the children change class interrupts the class bonding, which is important for the children to work together and feel comfortable and uninhibited.
  • Dress code – We don’t follow a ballet dress code however the children need to be in clothes appropriate for dancing (no jeans, dresses, long skirts), the dancing shoes needed for class and the hair pulled back away from the face.

We try to give the children a quality dance experience. We want them to have fun and enjoy themselves as they are learning. The rules are to help the children experience class to its fullest potential and we believe that the least amount of distraction will help accomplish this. We have seen the benefits of small classes where the children are able to get comfortable with each other and really feel free to express themselves.
Thank you for your cooperation!