Q & A

How old does my child have to be to start dancing at Calliope? Once the child turns 3 s/he can come and dance with us. The child needs to be potty trained and fine with the idea of being dropped off.
Can parents stay and watch the class? Parents or caregivers can stay and watch the first class. Starting on the second class we ask parents or caregivers to drop off the child.
Are there days for parents to come and observe the class? Yes, we have 2 parents’ observation weeks at the dance studio (the week before Halloween and the second week of December). And our big show at a theater in May!
What does my child need to wear for class? Children can come in any comfortable clothes for dancing. Clothes that they can move in and that they feel happy with is what we like to see; our little ballerinas, of course, love to wear pink and purple sparkly leotards and tutus!
What kind of dance shoes does my child need? If your child is taking a Calliope class s/he will ballet and tap shoes. If your child is taking ballet s/he only needs ballet slippers. If your child is taking tumbling, s/he needs to be barefoot for class. We have a ballet and tap shoe recycling system at the studio since the children grow out of their shoes so quickly. Parents love this idea!
Are there classes on Monday Holidays? Yes, Monday classes are taught during Monday Holidays; we sometimes group the classes together depending on the number of students attending each class. The only two Monday Holidays when there is no class are Labor Day and Memorial Day.
Are there classes on Thanksgiving week? Only Monday and Tuesday.
What is the teacher-student ratio? 6:1. We like to keep our groups small (6 children per group).
How do I register? Choose a class from our schedule and register with all your child’s necessary medical and contact information through our online registration system powered by Galore.
Where are your class rules published? You can view the class rules here.