Rosana Barragan


Rosana laughing

Rosana Barragan is a dance educator and performing artist. She has taught children for over 20 years, and is deeply passionate about investigating movement in infants and children. Rosana owns Calliope Dance Studio for children in San Francisco.



“Calliope Dance Studio is my place to be with amazing little people whose bodies are undergoing magical development and who have become my teachers in how to purely enjoy movement and life as we enter the limitless world of imagination.”

“Children have always been an essential part of my career. I have taught them since my mother held my hand one day at age 14 and said: ‘Come and teach with me!’ I have lived in many different places in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Wherever I go, I find myself teaching children. I came to live in San Francisco in 2008 to dance with children at Calliope, and two years later I had the opportunity to become the owner of the Studio. In the past, I ran my family’s dance studio in South America, and worked as the educational program director for the Latin Ballet of Virginia, a dance non-profit organization that my family runs on the East Coast.”

Originally from Colombia, Rosana earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Social Studies from Universidad Javeriana in Bogota; and a Master’s degree in Dance from the Laban Centre, City University in London. She has worked as a professor of dance at Universidad Javeriana and Academia Superior de Artes de Bogota in her native Colombia, and for the past several years at Saint Mary’s College of California. She has worked as a teacher, guest artist and dancer with the Latin Ballet of Virginia since 1998. Rosana has been involved with dance since birth, inheriting the art form from her mother.



“I have danced all my life; I don’t even have memories of not having dance as part of my life. I grew up in my mother’s dance Studio, which she had for over 30 years in South America; a big house in a hot tropical city in Colombia, where I spent my childhood years surrounded by many happy children dancing. I went to the state ballet conservatory for 10 years and then moved into the academic world of dance.”

Rosana’s technique evolves from her life experience in movement, combining her European training in contemporary dance with her early training in classical ballet, her Latin American roots, Yoga and a deep influence by the world of Somatics (Bartenieff, Body Mind Centering, Laban Movement Analysis and the Alexander Technique).

“I can’t live without the perfect balance I find in moving and thinking; I am both, a mover and a thinker. I have a passion for research and have written several publications and given conferences on dance education. Besides my studies in different movement modalities such as yoga and contemporary dance techniques, I have studied and developed research about the implications of different somatic movement systems such as Body Mind Centering, Bartenieff Fundamentals and Laban Movement Analysis in Dance Education and recently in children’s development.”

As a choreographer, Rosana questions and explores new approaches to the body in art practice and creates challenges for her work to be defined outside the realm of dance. Her artistic work focuses on social and political issues and her aesthetic concerns move her to build special sites and create different audience perspectives. Her site-specific works have received several awards and have been performed on sites such as: the Thames River beaches in London, parks, plazas, churches, roofs, glass cubes and art galleries. She has received various grants for choreography from the Government of Colombia and Mexico, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts in the United States. In 2006 Rosana obtained the First National Dance Research Award given by the Colombian Ministry of Culture.

Rosana has published in Performing Arts Journals and has been featured in dance publications in Colombia. Her artistic work has been shown in Central America, South America, Europe and the United States.