Summer Programs

  • Girl with arms over head smiling

    "Dance is for all – All children should dance and be free in their bodies and expression!"

  • Girl in purple smiling

    "Understanding my own space, the space of others and a greater space through the experience of the body dancing, helps us build strong relationships to myself, the other and the world."

  • Sitting around snack table

    "The child doesn’t separate what he is from what he does with his body. Giving the opportunity for the child to explore his body, to enjoy his body, builds self-confidence and a secure way to stand in the world."

  • Gymnastics

    "Dance helps us not to disintegrate what has been given to us in the most integrated way. As children we are one in all our dimensions (physical, psychological, emotional…)"

  • Girls waiting for treasure from pirate

    "We focus on fun… on the pure sense of joy that the child naturally has."

  • Girls at park

    "At Calliope we support our natural feeling of loving ourselves. Self-love is the basis for loving others and as we love our body in all its dimensions - as children - we grow knowing deeply in the roots of our body what genuine love, respect and integrity is."

  • Girls sitting in circle

    "At Calliope we understand that the body is one in all its dimensions (physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, spiritual). We see every child holistically in her process of becoming her individual self."

  • Girls doing poi

    "Our lesson plans are so loved by the children that we have to keep doing their favorite year after year: the spaghetti monster; the naughty shoes; the artist mice and the museum!"

2019 Summer Camp Dates:

  • June 10 – 14: Eurythmy Camp, ages 6-9
  • June 17 – 21: Calliope Dance Camp in Spanish, ages 4-7
  • June 24 – 28: Eurythmy and Dance Camp, ages 4-6
  • July 8 — 12: Calliope Dance Camp, ages 3-5
  • July 15 – 19: Dance and Music Camp, ages 6-10

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Calliope Summer Camp

Taught by several of our Calliope teaching staff. Summer Camp at Calliope offers a fun combination of ballet, creative movement, gymnastics, art and yoga.  We meet from 9 am to 1 pm every day during one week.  We have different themes for each day and the children can come dressed up based on the theme.  We go on short adventures around the neighborhood depending on the weather and we put on a little show at the end of the week so the parents can see how much fun the children had during the week as they experienced art, dance and movement in many ways.  Camp is a great way for new students to start dancing at Calliope and it is a wonderful opportunity to be with friends and meet new people. Registration for camp opens in January.  Contact us to sign-up or stop by the studio!

Dance & Movement Camp (in Spanish)

This week of camp offers a fun combination of dance, art, gymnastics and story telling centered around different themes for each day and it’s in SPANISH! After having much success with our Spanish through Dance program we want to offer this new camp this year at Calliope. This is an opportunity for the child who already is exposed and understands the language to continue practicing the basics of the Spanish language through movement and body awareness. We work based on the idea that language doesn’t come separate from culture and movement and verbal language are also inseparable so the children will have experiences to explore the Spanish language through dance and movement, music and stories. The camp also looks towards enhancing the children’s social and expressive skills, the connection between the organization of movement and speech, and the child’s understanding of her/his body in relationship to self, others and the world… all through a fun week of Dance and Movement!

Eurythmy & Dance Camp

Taught by guest teacher Isabella Guardia and Calliope staff. This camp is centered around Eurythmy, a movement art form that brings to life poetry and music, and is used in Waldorf schools as part of the curriculum. When doing Eurythmy in early childhood, a whole world opens up for the children, where they engage fully through their natural love for movement and their own imagination through the use of nature tales. The combination of Eurythmy and Dance will create a nice rhythm for a fun morning and week!


Isabella was born in Brazil and grew up in Cochabamba, Bolivia. After graduating from high school in Bolivia, Isabella decided to pursue her love of movement at the University of Dance in Venezuela, however, it was in England that she first discovered Eurythmy and dedicated herself to this art form that met her life’s calling. She received her diploma in Eurythmy from Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA in 2010 and furthered her training at Eurythmy Spring Valley in New York. Isabella has been an Assistant Teacher in Waldorf-inspired nursery and kindergarten classrooms in Colorado and Oregon, as well as taught Eurythmy in the early grades. She joined Waldorf School of the Peninsula in Los Altos, CA to bring Eurythmy to the grades one through five, in 2013. Isabella is thrilled to come to Calliope this summer to share her love for both dance and Eurythmy with the children.

Dance and Music Camp, Ages 6 and Up

This camp will be filled with music, rhythm, song, and dance! We will work with a special guest teacher to spend the week exploring various instruments, learning songs, dances, and expressing ourselves through both sound and movement.