Calliope in the Schools

This year, we have begun to take our joyous and holistic dance curriculum into schools to share with children of all ages. We believe all children benefit from dance education! Similar to New York City’s famous PS Dance Program, Calliope Dance Studio provides valuable and transferable dance and movement education to children of all ages.

Our Philosophy

At Calliope we are in our 14th year supporting children’s development through pure joy, imagination and the love for dance!
At Calliope we nurture the natural intelligence of the body and we see every child holistically in their process of becoming their individual self.
Dance is for everyone.  All children should dance and be free in their bodies and expression!

Our Curriculum

Calliope’s curriculum is carefully designed based on dance and movement theory and pedagogy specifically targeted to support children’s development.
Our Educational Program for preschools and schools in San Francisco brings the magic of our award winning studio curriculum directly to your school, tailored to the particular age and developmental needs of your students.
We offer language-immersion classes in Spanish and Italian.
We teach foundational movement concepts through joyous and creative storytelling.

The Value of Dance Education

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To learn more about bringing Calliope Dance to your school, CONTACT US!