Calliope Dance Curriculum

  • Rosana reading from book

    "We believe in dance as a vehicle to heal physical, emotional and intellectual challenges that the child might be experiencing."

  • 3 girls dancing with arms open

    "Dance is for all – All children should dance and be free in their bodies and expression!"

  • Girl in blue with big smile

    "We go beyond traditional dance training; we focus on the body, the movement and the whole child."

  • Girl smiling dancing on floor

    "We offer a safe environment for the child, where we nurture her imagination and the natural intelligence of her body."

  • girls in rainbow outfit in childs pose

    "We work on the children's individual patterns of movement and development that were established before birth and as infants. Our classes offer a way to get back to the roots of their movement."

Calliope’s curriculum focuses on combining different techniques and styles (ballet, creative movement, developmental movement, contemporary dance, tap, yoga and tumbling) so the child will experience the full potential of his/her expressive and functional body with a class that follows a different lesson plan every week. Our main goal is to keep the environment safe and joyful as the children experience high quality education and individual attention; to achieve this we have small size groups (six children per group). 45 minutes long classes are offered for ages 3-7 and one hour long classes for ages 8-10, Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The curriculum is based on an in-depth research about dance and movement education for what is needed at a specific childhood developmental stage. We follow a holistic approach for understanding the child’s body and the conceptual basis of the curriculum is Somatic Movement Education and Childhood Developmental Movement Therapy. The contents, goals and methodology for every lesson plan are carefully studied so they reach the need of the individual child as well as the group. With the somatic model for children’s dance education that we follow at Calliope, we encourage the development of the whole child: cognitive or intellectual, social, emotional, physical, aesthetic, and psychomotor. Plus the child comes to enjoy her/himself spontaneously. To have fun as they learn about themselves and the world through movement is what Calliope is after. There is no protocol (no ballet uniform and no ballet curriculum). It is not strictly about dance training; it is about the child living an experience where s/he enjoys her/his body, her/his movement, her/his imagination, her/his natural intelligence and who s/he is.

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